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The latest stable release of Free MP3 WMA Recorder Editor is available from the download links below. You can freely download and install it on your computer. If the download doesn't start automatically, click the following link:

Free MP3 WMA Recorder Editor Free

Free MP3 WMA Recorder Editor is free MP3 editor software that including a free MP3 recorder and many other editing features to enhance your audio files. It is capable of recording the all sounds passing through the PC's sound card from any sources, with time-triggered recording enabled. Then it can directly import the recording or open an MP3, WMA, WAV or audio file of any other formats for further improvement. It allows you to perform extremely accurate editing due to the visual workplace and millisecond precision. The use of audio effects like fade, echo, amplification, pitch/speed shift and varieties of filters are unexpectedly easy for any users. It also helps reduces noises to make audio crystal clear.

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